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The Stuff You Need at the Price You Set
Born in 2008, Deal Hunter Estate Sales Online Auctions was founded to provide asset recovery and auction services to the business community. With the emergence of the digital revolution, Deal Hunter innovated an online-only solution combining the benefits of traditional liquidation techniques and the efficiency and affordability of online auctions. Today Deal Hunter is a market leader in internet-only event-based auctions honoring its legacy of innovation and continuing its heritage of high-quality service. Deal Hunter Auctions has the stuff you need at the price you set.

What We Sell
Today, Deal Hunter Estate Sales conducts internet-only sales both large and small throughout the United States.
The flexibility and reach of the internet is ideally suited for all types of equipment and inventories.
Deal Hunter sales include high-end designer furniture, IT switch gear, office furniture and business equipment, Home Goods, Antiques and collectibles name a few.

The Un-Ebay
Unlike eBay or Craigslist, which sell a single item to a single buyer, is an event based liquidation site. Each event has a location, scheduled preview, closing and removal and sells many assets to many buyers.
We are a little bit traditional (with previews and pickups), a little bit eBay (online bidding), and something altogether different (event based, photo catalogs and credit card only payments).

Custom Auction Solutions
As specialists in the sale of commercial or personal property, our innovation, expertise and marketing skills consistently result in the highest possible return. Committed to our client’s satisfaction, we give the same care and attention when selling one item or an entire business. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project and evaluate your assets at no charge.

Estate Sales

Deal Hunter Estate Sales prides itself in presenting estates with energy, integrity and intelligence. The company consistently sells 90-95% of the value and 80-85% of the contents of each estate sale event. References are always provided gladly.
Deal Hunter Estate Sales presents a wealth of experience and valuable advice to heirs and/or executors facing the task of liquidating an estate. Our services may also meet the needs of someone downsizing to a retirement community or relocating to another area. Deal Hunter Estate Sales works with the client to develop a liquidation plan that meets the needs of the client, e.g. timing, contents and accessibility of the home.

Options include an on-premise estate sale, consigning individual pieces and removal of contents for auction and/or charity. Together with representatives of an estate, tasks are set and timetables established for complete liquidation of the property while maximizing profits.
Deal Hunter Estate Sales receives a commission remuneration for all services provided with services being tailored to meet the specific requirements of the estate. This method of disposing of household contents helps the seller realize top dollar for the sales household

The Deal Hunter Estate Sales team understands that the liquidation of a lifetime of possessions-be it one’s own or a loved one’s- can be a traumatic event. Deal Hunter Estate Sales brings not only compassion but also the ability to resolve the situation. Deal Hunter Estate Sales will make recommendations for the full clearance of the property and provide the needed logistical support to achieve it. The company’s advance promotions, print and web advertising and proprietary mailing list ensure the maximum number of customers are made aware of the individual client events.



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